Commercial, RV, Specialty

Greg's Autobody is also  your premiere destination for Heavy Equipment, RV and Specialty auto body and paint services, servicing large commercial vehicles of many kinds in our state-of-the-art facilities in South Deerfield, Massachusetts. 

Specializing in heavy duty vehicles and RV repair and repainting! 

We also specialize in the tinting and matching of specialty painted surfaces, such as on your camper or RV --  the right match is the only match!

Featuring a professional, heavy equipment booth we are able to accomodate equipment fitting within our 16' high by 60' long dimension.  From buses, RV's, tractor trailers, construction, emergency (police, fire and EMS), DPW equipment --  if it's got more than 2 axles and it needs paint, we can do it!

We also offer sandblasting services on dump truck bodys, frames, trucks and equipment, as well as roll-off containers and dumpsters.  Keep your fleet looking its best and lasting its longest with the professional autobody services from Greg's Autobody!